What's the S6's WIFI name and password? Are those resettable?

Outdoor Version:

WIFI Name:  wingslandS6-air-xxxxxx

Password: 12345678

Advanced Version:

WIFI Name: wingslandS6-air-xxxxxx

Password: wingsland

They are not resettable.

                                WIFI name and password could be found on the sticker on your drone shown as below.

What extended accessories does S6 have?

So far we have Boom Boom Gun, Search Light  and Emoji Display which could be installed on S6.

Is S6 foldable?

Yes, the dimension of s6 after folded is 138x79x26.8mm.

What are the S6 flight modes?

There are 4 mode for S6 flight: Beginner Mode, Standard Mode, Home Lock Mode and Course Lock Mode.